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Bow Nebula

NGC 2440, PK 234+02.1

Proper NameBow Nebula
Messier NumberNone
NGC/IC NumberNGC 2440
Other DesignationsPK 234+02.1
Right Ascension7h 41m 55s
Declination-18° 12' 30"
Distancec.4,000 light years
c.1,200 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +9.3
Absolute: -1.8
DimensionsApparent: 1.2' x 0.7'
Actual: 1.9 light years
Associated Star(s)HD 62166
Optimum VisibilityJanuary / February
NotesThis planetary nebula is formed from material erupting outwards from the hot white dwarf star HD 62166. The nebula consists of two distinct lobes, giving rise to its common name of the 'Bow Nebula' (not to be confused with the similarly-named Bow-Tie Nebula, C2 in Cepheus).

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas