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Neptune XIII

Proper NameNeso
DesignationNeptune XIII
Primary PlanetNeptune
Family / ClassRetrograde irregular moons
Orbital Period26 y ears, 244 days
Distance from NeptuneSemi-Major Axis: 50,018,000 km (0.33 AU)
Periapsis: 29,811,000 km (0.20 AU)
Apoapsis: 70,226,000 km (0.47 AU)
Rotation PeriodNot known
Mean Diameter60 km
37 miles
NotesA small irregular moon of Neptune, notable for its immense distance from its primary planet. At its apoapsis - the farthest point in its orbit from Neptune - it approaches a distance greater than that of Mercury from the Sun. This makes Neso the most distant known moon of any planet in the Solar System.


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