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Neptune XII

Proper NameLaomedeia
DesignationNeptune XII
Primary PlanetNeptune
Family / ClassPrograde irregular moons
Orbital Period8 years, 249 days
Distance from NeptuneSemi-Major Axis: 23,634,500 km (0.16 AU)
Periapsis: 13,968,000 km (0.09 AU)
Apoapsis: 33,301,000 km (0.22 AU)
Rotation PeriodNot known
Mean Diameter42 km
26 miles
NotesA small outer moon of Neptune, Laomedeia's orbit is highly inclined, angled at some 50° to Neptune's plane of rotation. It is one of the outermost of Neptune's moons, with only distant Psamathe and Neso lying beyond, each more than twice Laomedeia's distance from Neptune.


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