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Uranus XVI

Proper NameCaliban
DesignationUranus XVI
Primary PlanetUranus
Family / ClassRetrograde irregular moons
Orbital Period1 year, 215 days
Distance from UranusSemi-Major Axis: 7,165,000 km
Periapsis: 6,611,000 km
Apoapsis: 7,716,000 km
Rotation Period9 days, 23 hours
Mean Diameterc.42 km
NotesAn irregular satellite of Uranus, the second-largest such moon known, with a mean diameter of approximately forty-two kilometres. Its retrograde orbit implies that it is a captured object, rather than forming with Uranus itself. The similarity of its orbit to that of the smaller moon Stephano suggests that these two moons had common origins, perhaps breaking apart as the original body was caught by Uranus' gravity.


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