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IC 1350

IC 1354

Part of a group of some thirty galaxies falling on the border between Aquarius and Capricornus, IC 1350 lies in the northern part of the group within Aquarius. This is a very distant and indistinct object and its structure has not been established with certainty. Most sources classify it as a lenticular galaxy, but some suggest that it may be spiral in form.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

The red shift measurement of IC 1350 suggests a distance from the Milky Way approaching 400 million light years, but additional analysis implies that it is actually rather closer than this, at a distance of perhaps 310 million light years. Based on that value, and the observed diameter of its disc in the sky, the galaxy is some 55,000 light years across.

IC 1350 was recorded twice by the same discoverer, Stephan Javelle, within the space of less than a year (once in August 1891, and again in July 1892). As a result, it is listed twice in the Index Catalogue, with the designations IC 1350 and IC 1354. Both of these catalogue numbers refer to the same galaxy in Aquarius.