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The Wolf

Constellation of the southern sky

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Constellation FamilyHercules
Celestial QuadrantSQ3
Right Ascension14h20 to 16h09
Declination-29.90° to -55.69°
Area (sq deg)334
Brightest StarKakkab
Optimum VisibilityMay / June
NotesLupus the Wolf is represented by a scatter of mainly blue stars running along the nothern edge of the Milky Way. The sky to the west and south is dominated by Centaurus, and the Wolf lies northward and a little eastward of Alpha Centauri and Hadar, the pair of bright stars in Centaurus known together as the Southern Pointers.
Map of Lupus Map of Lupus

A fairly rich field of stars on the Milky Way, lying southward of the zodiacal band and bordering Centaurus.


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