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Leo Minor

The Lesser Lion, The Little Lion

Constellation of the northern sky

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GenitiveLeonis Minoris
Constellation FamilyUrsa Major
Celestial QuadrantsNQ2
Right Ascension9h22 to 11h07
Declination+22.8° to +41.4°
Area (sq deg)232
Brightest StarPraecipua
Optimum VisibilityMarch
NotesThis faint group of stars was classically associated with the much more prominent constellation of Leo, but was assigned as a separate constellation by Hevelius in the seventeenth century. It falls directly northward of the Sickle formation of Leo, but its lack of bright stars can make it difficult to identify in the sky.
Map of Leo Minor Map of Leo Minor

This group of faint stars nestles inconspicuously between its two more prominent companions, Leo and Ursa Major.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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