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Coma Berenices

Berenice’s Hair

Constellation of the northern sky

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GenitiveComae Berenices (or Comae Berenicis)
Constellation FamilyUrsa Major
Celestial QuadrantPrimarily NQ3, extending slightly into NQ2
Right Ascension11h58 to 13h36
Declination+13.3° to +33.3°
Area (sq deg)386
Brightest StarBeta Comae Berenices
Optimum VisibilityApril
NotesThis relatively faint constellation lies directly westward of brilliant Arcturus in Boötes and eastward of the prominent shape of Leo the Lion. To the south, it borders Virgo, and the populous group of galaxies known as the Virgo Cluster extends into Coma Berenices, making the constellation home to many distinctive galaxies.
Map of Coma Berenices Map of Coma Berenices
Relative Galactic Position of Coma Berenices

As the home of the Northern Galactic Pole, Coma Berenices lies directly 'upward' through the galactic disc of the Milky Way.

Though lacking in bright stars, Coma Berenices contains a rich field of galaxies, and also plays host to the Northern Galactic Pole.


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