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Rosette Cluster

C50, NGC 2244

Proper NamesRosette Cluster
Caldwell NumberC50
NGC/IC NumberNGC 2244
Right Ascension6h 31m 55s
Declination+4° 56' 30"
Distancec.5,500 light years
c.1,700 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +4.8
Absolute: -6.3
DiameterApparent: 29'
Actual: c.45 light years
Number of Starsc. 1,000
Optimum VisibilityJanuary
NotesA cluster of young, intensely hot stars that formed within the last few million years from the gases of the surrounding Rosette Nebula. Radiation from these stars has cleared a hollow zone around the cluster that extends across the nebula's central regions.


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