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NGC 6067

C89 (historical designation)

Proper NameNone
Caldwell NumberHistorically designated C89 (a number now reassigned to the S Normae Cluster, NGC 6087)
NGC/IC NumberNGC 6067
Right Ascension16h 13m 12s
Declination-54° 13' 37"
Distancec.4,600 light years
c.1,400 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +5.6
Absolute: -5.2
DiameterApparent: 14'
Actual: 19 light years
Number of Starsc.250
Optimum VisibilityJune (Usually visible from southern latitudes)
NotesThe original Caldwell Catalogue listed this cluster as object C89, the S Normae Cluster. In fact that cluster should properly refer to NGC 6087, some degrees to the south of NGC 6067, but many sources continue to catalogue this cluster as C89 for historical reasons.


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