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NGC 6864

Proper NameNone
Messier NumberM75
NGC/IC NumberNGC 6864
Right Ascension20h 6m 5s
Declination-21° 55' 20"
Distancec.67,500 light years
c.20,700 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +8.5
Absolute: -8.1
DiameterApparent: 54"
Actual: 18 light years
Optimum VisibilityAugust
NotesA globular cluster with a notably dense core, M75 falls near the Ecliptic as it passes from Sagittarius into neighbouring Capricornus. The cluster itself lies rather outside the Galaxy's plane, beyond the Galactic Nucleus, at a distance of more than 67,000 light years.


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