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25 Phocaea

Minor Planet Designation25 Phocaea
Asteroid GroupMain Asteroid Belt (Phocaea family)
Orbital Period3 years, 262 days
Distance from the SunSemi-Major Axis: 358,969,291 km (2.40 AU)
Perihelion: 267,469,593 km (1.79 AU)
Aphelion: 450,468,989 km (3.01 AU)
Diameter (Mean)61.1 kilometres
NotesA stony asteroid of the inner Asteroid Belt, Phocaea gives its name to the Phocaea Family, a swarm of related asteroids originating in an ancient collision. With a mean diameter of over 60km, Phocaea is by far the largest member of the family, with few other members exceeding 10km.