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84 Klio

One of nine otherwise unrelated asteroids that happened to be discovered in the period between 1852 and 1865, and given the names of the nine Greek muses. Klio was the last of these nine to be discovered, taking its name from the last remaining muse, Clio the muse of history.

The asteroid Klio follows a relatively eccentric path through the Solar System's Asteroid Belt. Over the course of its orbit (which takes 3 years and 230 days to complete) it passes relatively close to both the inner and outer edges of the belt.

Klio has a low albedo value, which implies that it is an unusually dark asteroid. It belongs to the common carbonaceous class, but of a much less usual subtype that incorporates silicates into its structure. The asteroid rotates on its axis over a period of 23.5 hours, and regular changes in its brightness over this period suggest some kind of patterning or shading on its surface.


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