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Gliese 581 g

HO Librae g
Unofficially named 'Zarmina' or 'Zarmina's World'

Proper NameZarmina, Zarmina's World (unofficial names)
DesignationsGliese 581 g, HO Librae g
ClassificationSuper Earth
Orbital Period37 days
Mean Distance from Gliese 58122 million km
Mass3.5 x Earth
Diameter1.3 - 2.0 x Earth
Mean Surface TemperatureN/K
NotesThe initial detection of this extrasolar planet in the year 2010 is still awaiting definitive confirmation, and conceivably the planet may not exist at all. If Gliese 581 g can be confirmed, however, it is an important discovery as one of the most Earth-like exoplanets yet found.


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