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Hunters of wolves

A large and powerful type of hound, which take their name from their purpose of hunting for wolves. The most famous of these in Middle-earth was Huan, originally a wolfhound of Oromë in Aman, who was given to Celegorm and followed his new master into exile with the Noldor.

Eventually Huan abandoned Celegorm to aid Beren and Lúthien in their Quest of the Silmaril, and fulfilled his destiny as a wolfhound in that quest. At Tol-in-Gaurhoth he fought many of Sauron's wolves, defeating each of them until he slew the mighty Draugluin, and then even defeated Sauron himself in wolf-form. Huan survived all those encounters, but during the quest a Silmaril was consumed by yet another wolf, Carcharoth, the greatest beast of that kind to ever live. Huan went with the Hunting of the Wolf that pursued Carcharoth, and when the greatest wolfhound met the greatest wolf, each killed the other. Nonetheless, through Huan's final sacrifice the Silmaril was recovered.

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