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The only known member of this family, Robin Smallburrow, was extant in III 3019
Associated with Hobbiton
Presumably a reference to a small Hobbit-hole


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Smallburrow Family

The family of Cock-robin

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A little-known family of Shire-hobbits, of which Robin Smallburrow is the only named member. The family is circumstantially connected to the Eastfarthing of the Shire (as suggested by the fact that Robin Smallburrow, as a member of the First Eastfarthing Troop, was stationed at the Brandywine Bridge, though of course this is by no means conclusive). The 'burrow' of the name is presumably a reference to a Hobbit-hole, suggesting that (at least at some point in the past) this was a relatively poor family with only a minor smial to its name.

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