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Established after the reorganisation of the Shirriffs in early III 3019; probably dissolved at the end of that year1
Based at Frogmorton in the Eastfarthing of the Shire


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First Eastfarthing Troop

The Shirriffs of Frogmorton

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A troop of Shirriffs formed during the troubled times in the Shire under the rule of Saruman. The troop was based in the Shirriff-house at Frogmorton on the East Road. It was the First Eastfarthing Troop that attempted to arrest Frodo and the Travellers on their journey to Bag End.



Though the fate of the First Eastfarthing Troop is not specified, we do know that Frodo, in a his brief role as Deputy Mayor, reduced the Shirriffs back to their former small numbers. This strongly implies that the Troop would have been disbanded in late III 3019 or perhaps early III 3020.

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