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In the far north of Aman, on the western edge of the Helcaraxë
Uncertain, but possibly 'ever-shadowed'1


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A cold land in the north of Aman

Between the protective mountains of the Pelóri and the Great Sea, running northward from the Calacirya, was a wide and empty land named Araman. At its far northern extent, it came close to the Grinding Ice of the Helcaraxë, and the land became swathed in great mists from the Sea. This cold and misty region was known as Oiomúrë, and through it Morgoth passed with Ungoliant as he escaped Valinor for Middle-earth. The Noldor who pursued him must also have made their way through this land of mists as they travelled into exile from the Blessed Realm.



The element oio- is well established as meaning 'ever-' (as in 'everlasting'). -múrë is less certain, but is probably related to the root mor-, 'black', 'shadow'. This was a region covered in mists that lay far from the light of the Two Trees, so a name meaning 'ever-shadowed' would fit it well.

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