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Presumably at least partially destroyed at the end of the First Age1
The far north of the World, bridging the lands of Aman and Middle-earth
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Narrow Ice

Bilbo’s name for the Helcaraxë

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A name for the treacherous icy wastes in the far north of the world, that ran between Aman and Middle-earth in former Ages of the World. This region was called the Helcaraxë by the Elves; the name 'Narrow Ice' is only ever used by Bilbo Baggins, in his poem Eärendil was a mariner.



In the upheavals at the end of the First Age, Beleriand was sunk beneath the Sea, and thus the eastern end of the Narrow Ice must have been lost, or at least broken away from the landmass of Middle-earth. If any part of the Ice survived this cataclysm, that remnant would presumably have been lost when Aman (to which it was connected at its western end) was taken away from the World at the time of the Downfall of Númenor in II 3319.

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