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On the River Anduin, at the southern end of the Field of Celebrant, east of Fangorn Forest
Undeep is pronounced 'u'ndeep'
Undeep comes from Old English undéop, 'shallow'


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North Undeep

The first of the two westward loops in the Anduin’s course

Map of the North Undeep

As Anduin flowed past the southern end of the Field of Celebrant, about one hundred miles southeast of Lórien, the river flowed into a pronounced westward loop in its course, the North Undeep, into which the River Limlight flowed. At this point the Great River became shallow enough to ford, hence the name 'undeep'. It was here that the Balchoth crossed from the east to invade northern Gondor, and soon afterward Eorl and his horsemen also crossed Anduin to come to the aid of Gondor at the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. The North Undeep was the first of two such meanders: a second, lesser loop, the South Undeep, lay about twenty miles further south along the Great River's course.

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