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An approximately rectangular region running southeastwards between the Rivers Anduin and Limlight1
Celebrant is pronounced 'kele'brant'
The field of the River Celebrant, whose name translates as 'Silverlode'2
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Field of Celebrant

The site of Eorl’s great victory

Map of the Field of Celebrant

A field that lay between the Rivers Anduin and Limlight, to the southeast of Lórien. This was the site of the decisive Battle of the Field of Celebrant, at which Eorl the Young rode from the north to the aid of Gondor.



The Field of Celebrant was originally named by the Elves of Lórien, who called it Parth Celebrant in their own tongue. To the Elves, it included all the lands between the Celebrant and the Limlight, hence its association with the river that shared its name. To the Gondorians, this region was the farthest northern boundary of their realm, and they defended only the lands east of the Limlight. This was only the southern segment of the original Parth Celebrant of the Elves, but it was the area that became known as the Field of Celebrant in the histories of Men. For this reason, the Mannish 'Field of Celebrant' lay some miles to the south of the river that had originally given it its name.


'Silverlode' is a name from archaic English meaning 'silver course'.

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