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A title of Gimli Elf-friend

A form of address used by Galadriel for Gimli the Dwarf. At the time of the Fellowship's departure from Lórien, Gimli at first refused any gift from Galadriel, but eventually at her command he requested a strand of her golden hair. Her people were astonished at this bold request, but Galadriel granted Gimli three hairs, which he claimed that he would one day set in crystal. Thus Galadriel's later title 'Lock-bearer' for Gimli refers to the locks of her hair that he bore.

The significance of this is thrown into stronger relief by a tale of the ancient West, according to which Fëanor himself was first inspired to create the Silmarils by the sight of Galadriel's golden-silver tresses, but she refused him even a single hair. Gimli's request, then, mirrors one made by the greatest craftsman of all the Elves; and the fact that Galadriel agreed to it was a truly extraordinary honour.1



Gimli's intention to set the locks in crystal also seems to be a direct reflection of the events of the Elder Days, because Fëanor had intended to do exactly the same. In the event, he made crystals that trapped the light of the Two Trees: the Silmarils.

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