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2 August to 24 September on a modern (Gregorian) calendar
Literally 'season of fruits', but the implied meaning is 'harvest-time'
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A season of the Sindarin calendar

Seasons of the Elves

The Elves divided the season of autumn into two periods, each fifty-four days in length. The first of these went by the Sindarin name of Iavas (or Yávië in Quenya) deriving from the Elvish for 'fruit' and corresponding to the time of harvest. Iavas began at the end of Laer (summer proper), and extended to the Enderi, the middle-days of the year (the Elves' year began in spring, so the end of Iavas marked the middle of the year). After these Enderi came the second part of autumn, known as Firith (that is, the season 'fading' into winter). On a modern calendar, Iavas would run between 2 August and 24 September.

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