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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
Flowing southwestwards to meet the Little Gelion and form the major river Gelion
Beneath Mount Rerir in the northern Ered Luin
One, unnamed
Formed Gelion proper at its confluence with the Little Gelion that flowed from the west
Important peaks
Associated with Mount Rerir
Gelion is pronounced 'geh'lion'


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Greater Gelion

The greater of Gelion’s two source-rivers

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Map of the Greater Gelion

One of the two rivers that flowed together to form the source of long Gelion, that flowed along the eastern borders of Beleriand. The Greater Gelion rose beneath Mount Rerir in the northern Blue Mountains, and flowed southwestwards to meet the Little Gelion. It formed the eastern boundary of the lands controlled by Maglor during most of the First Age.



Tolkien himself seemed uncertain on the etymology of Gelion, and devised various possible sources for the name. The most recent appears to be Gabilán, Dwarvish for 'great river', though it is far from clear that this was the settled meaning. For more on this topic, see footnote 2 to the entry for Gelion.

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