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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
Flowing southeastwards from the Hill of Himring
Maedhros' fortress of Himring stood near the river's source
Joined the Greater Gelion from the east to form the river Gelion
Gelion is pronounced 'geh'lion'
See note 2 to the entry for Gelion for a discussion of the meaning of that name


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Little Gelion

The lesser of Gelion’s two sources

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Map of the Little Gelion

A lesser river that rose beneath Himring in the north marches of Beleriand, whose spring was close by that of the Celon. Where the Celon ran southwest towards the borders of Doriath, the Little Gelion followed a twisting course to the southeast, where it joined with the Greater Gelion to form the long river Gelion itself.

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