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Can I link to the site?

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It goes without saying that we welcome links to the Encyclopedia of Arda from any other site - you don't have to e-mail us for permission or anything like that (though it's nice to know if you do put a link in place, so we can visit your site and take a look).

If you'd like to link to the site, we ideally prefer links to point to the front page, because otherwise visitors might miss out on the index frame. The HTML for a link is:

<a href="">Encyclopedia of Arda</a>.

If you'd like to use a graphical link, you're welcome to use this small icon (though please make a copy of it on your own server and link to that, rather than calling it from ours):

If you link to us from another Tolkien site, we'll almost always link back to you from the Tolkien Links list.

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