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Founded some time after III 19771; abandoned soon after III 2510 (occupied for up to 533 years)
The sources of the Anduin, at the confluence of the Rivers Langwell and Greylin
'Fram's (hill) fortress'


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The chief town of the Éothéod

Map of Framsburg

The main settlement of the Éothéod, and their only fortified township. It lay in the far north of Middle-earth, at the point where the Rivers Langwell and Greylin met to form the beginning of the Great River Anduin. It took its name from the famed leader Fram (who may indeed be responsible for its founding).

Framsburg is not marked on the maps that accompany The Lord of the Rings, though its existence is hinted at in Unfinished Tales, where it is said of the confluence of the two rivers that there 'was [the Éothéod's] only fortified burg' (Cirion and Eorl). Its name and precise location were provided by Tolkien for inclusion on a poster map produced in 1969.



The fact that Framsburg was named after Fram raises questions about the date of its foundation. When the Men of the Éothéod originally arrived in the far north, their leader was not Fram, but his father Frumgar. If this town was settled immediately after their arrival, then, we might expect it to be have been called 'Frumgarsburg' after the then Lord of this people. The fact that it was named 'Framsburg' suggests instead that it was built some years after the Éothéod arrived in the far north, after Frumgar's death.

On the other hand, Fram was a great hero of his people, famed as a Dragon-slayer. Because of that, it's not inconceivable that Framsburg was built soon after III 1977, while Frumgar was still Lord, later to be named for the renowned hero Fram.


About this entry:

  • Updated 13 August 2009
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