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Fragrant Trees

The Númenórean region of Nísimaldar

On the western coasts of Númenor was a wide bay, the Bay of Eldanna, fed from the central regions of the island by the river Nunduinë. At the mouth of that river stood a haven, Eldalondë, and it was to that western haven that the Eldar of Eressëa most often sailed in the early days of Númenor.

Those Eldar brought many gifts with them out of the West, and among those gifts were many rare and extraordinary trees. Those trees grew up the slopes that surrounded Eldalondë, and among their many kinds were the golden malinorni, from whom the mallorn trees of Lórien would descend. The entire region was filled with the sweet scents of the trees of Aman, and was therefore known as Nísimaldar, a name that translates as 'the Fragrant Trees'.

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