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The Forest itself dated back to ancient times, but it was named Eryn Lasgalen on 6 April (the Elves' New Year) III 3019
Rhovanion, to the east of the Vales of Anduin
Galadhrim (in the south) and Wood-elves (in the north)
Important peaks
e'roon lasga'len
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Eryn Lasgalen

The Wood of Greenleaves

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Map of Eryn Lasgalen

Map of Eryn Lasgalen, showing the divisions established by Celeborn and Thranduil after the War of the Ring

'Wood of Greenleaves', the new name chosen by Celeborn and Thranduil for the forest that had been known as Mirkwood for much of the Third Age.



It's fair to presume that the Mountains of Mirkwood would have been given a new name at the same time as the Forest that surrounded them. No record of that new name exists, however.

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