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A Sindarin name for the Elves

The most commonly seen Sindarin word for 'Elf' was Edhel, seen for example in names like Glóredhel or (in the plural Edhil) Ost-in-Edhil or Peredhil. The Grey-elven language also contained a variant form Eledh, which is typically seen in the compound Eledhrim, referring to all Elves as a people. Eledh is rarely seen in proper names, and indeed the only recorded case is Eledhwen, 'Elf-maid', a surname of Morwen. The word derives ultimately from elen, 'star', referring back to the awakening of this people under the stars before the Moon and Sun, when they were named by Oromë as the Eldar, the 'People of the Stars'.

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