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A beacon was built here sometime before III 25101
In the eastern White Mountains, between the peaks of Nardol (to the west) and Amon Dîn (to the east)
Garrisoned by the Dúnedain, but named by earlier inhabitants of the region
Probably 'ay'lenach' (to rhyme with 'Bach')2
Unknown (the name was derived from a forgotten Mannish tongue)


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One of the seven Beacons of Gondor

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Prominent peaks of the White Mountains

Beacons of Gondor

The second of the seven beacon-hills of Gondor, after Amon Dîn in the east, it lay in the Drúadan Forest.



The Eilenach beacon was originally built to communicate with Gondor's northern defenders in Calenardhon, so it must logically have been put in place before Calenardhon was granted to the Rohirrim in III 2510. That land had been deserted for some time beforehand, and so the Eilenach beacon probably dates from several centuries before the establishment of Rohan.


This pronunciation is based on Elvish rules, but the name Eilenach is specifically said not to be Elvish in origin, so those rules may not apply in this case.

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