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A title of Bard the Bowman

"...we would make him a king. Bard the Dragon-shooter of the line of Girion!"
Words of the Lake-men of Esgaroth
From The Hobbit 14,
Fire and Water

A title given to the grim soldier of Esgaroth known as Bard. With his last arrow, the Black Arrow forged in the smithies of Erebor, Bard found the weak point of the Dragon Smaug, and slew him. Bard was thought to have been lost in the fiery destruction that followed, but he survived by leaping into the waters of the Long Lake.

Bard was a descendant of the royal line of Girion, and when it was seen that he had escaped the wreck of the Dragon's demise, the Lake-men rejected the Master of the town and called for Bard the Dragon-shooter to become their leader. Ultimately, Bard became Lord of Dale, and gave rise to a line of descendants known as the Bardings.

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