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The earliest dated record is from III 2770, but these people evidently lived on the Long Lake far earlier than this1
On the shores of the Long Lake, south of Erebor
A branch of the Edain, or their close ancestors
Esgaroth, until its destruction, and later Lake-town
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The Men of the Long Lake

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The people of Lake-town on the Long Lake, to the south of Erebor. A trading people, they dealt with Erebor and Dale in the times before Smaug's coming, and with the Wood-elves of Mirkwood.



It's hinted that the older stone town of Esgaroth, at one time the home of the Lake-men, dated back to a time of legend. As descendants of the kin of the Edain, it is even possible that the Lake-men were established on the Long Lake as far back as the later First Age.

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