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Mare Humorum

Sea of Moisture, Mare on the Moon

Promontorium Kelvin in the Mare Humorum

A view across the sea from the highlands to the southeast of Mare Humorum. The cape known as Promontorium Kelvin stands like an 'island' in the sea, with a narrow channel separating it from the mare's true shore.

A relatively small circular mare close to the Moon's western limb. It is about half the size of its neighbouring sea, the Mare Nubium, but both of these are dwarfed by the immense Oceanus Procellarum to the north. On the southeasten shores of the sea are the remains of a crater, Hippalus, whose floor is etched with rilles. Nearby, Promontorium Kelvin (Cape Kelvin) extends into the surface of the Mare Humorum itself. The western edge of the sea is marked by a network of cracks and clefts following the Rupes Liebig (Liebig Fault).


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