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Albedo formation on Mars

A dark feature on the surface of Mars, running west-to-east for more than a thousand kilometres, on the southern side of the volanic uplands of Elysium. This long narrow region extends from the area around the crater Eddie in the west, into the mountains of Tartarus in the east. The dark rock of Cerberus originated as a lava formation, and its surface is covered with patterns of ridges and troughs.

In the eastern parts of Cerberus, long fissures extend through the Tartarus Montes. These deep faults run generally parallel to one another, extending eastward and a little southward. Across the uneven surface of Cerberus are a series of small domed volcanoes, collectively known as Cerberus Tholi. All these features in combination show that Cerberus was once a highly geologically active zone, though, like the rest of Mars, it is now inert.


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