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Akna Montes

Mountain Range on Venus

A range of mountains in the far northern hemisphere of Venus, the Akna Montes are one of a string of mountain chains that surround the high flat plains of Lakshmi Planum. Together, the plain and its mountains form the western part of the wide highland known as Ishtar Terra.

The Akna Montes run in a nearly straight line for more than eight hundred kilometres from southwest to northeast, forming the western and northern edge of the plateau. They are generally free of impact sites, but the crater Wanda, twenty kilometres across, stands out in the northern heights of the range. Beyond the mountains to the northwest of Lakshmi Planum, the surface descends into the broken Venusian landform known as a tessera, in a region designated Atropoos Tessera.

These mountains take their name from Mayan mythology, in which Akna, 'Mother', was a title of the goddess also known as Akhushtal.


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