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The Trapezium

Theta1 Orionis, 41 Orionis
Contains BM and V1016 Orionis

Proper NameThe Trapezium
Bayer DesignationTheta1 Orionis
Flamsteed Number41 Canis Majoris
HR (BSC)1893-1896
Variable DesignationsIncludes the variable stars BM and V1016 Orionis
Right Ascension5h 35m 16s
Declination-5° 23' 14"
Distancec.1,400 light years
c.400 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.5
Absolute: -4.5
Spectral ClassesB0.5V blue main sequence star (Theta1 Orionis A)
B0V blue main sequence star (Theta1 Orionis B)
O6.5V Blue-white main sequence star (Theta1 Orionis C)
B0.5V blue main sequence star (Theta1 Orionis D)
Optimum VisibilityDecember / January
NotesThe Trapezium is a complex cluster of stars emerging from the material of the Orion Nebula. Some of its stars (notably Theta1 Orionis A and B) are known to be binary in nature, and several stars within the system are surrounded by protoplanetary discs, showing that they are in the early stages of planet formation.

A newborn system of hot stars whose light illuminates the surrounding gas and dust, forming the Orion Nebula. There are a total of twelve stars in the system altogether, but four are significantly brighter than the rest, and form the shape that gives this formation its name.


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