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Proper NameNone
Bayer DesignationSigma Capricorni
Flamsteed Number7 Capricorni
HR (BSC)7761
Right Ascension20h 19m 24s
Declination-19° 7' 7"
Distancec.1,100 light years
c.300 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +5.3
Absolute: -2.4
Spectral ClassK3II orange bright giant
Optimum VisibilityAugust
NotesThis is an evolved star that has consumed its reserves of hydrogen and begun to fuse helium in its core. As a result, it has undergone expansion, so that it now has an estimated diameter more than sixty times that of the Sun.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

An orange star in Capricornus, near the Ecliptic. This is a luminous and gigantic bright giant star lying more than a thousand light years from the Sun.


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