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Pi1 Orionis

Tabit, 7 Orionis

Proper NameTabit (see note below)
Bayer DesignationPi1 Orionis
Flamsteed Number7 Orionis
HR (BSC)1570
Right Ascension4h 54m 54s
Declination+10° 9' 3"
Distance116 light years
36 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +4.7
Absolute: +1.9
Spectral ClassA0V White Main Sequence Star
Optimum VisibilityDecember
NotesPi1 Orionis is the northernmost of the arc of stars forming Orion's Shield. Like several others in this Shield formation, this star is sometimes known as Tabit, thought that name is usually reserved for the rather brighter Pi3 Orionis, somewhat to the south.


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