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Lesath, Nu Scorpii, 14 Scorpii

Proper NamesJabbah, Lesath
Bayer DesignationNu Scorpii
(The AB and CD components are sometimes designated Nu1 and Nu2 Scorpii, respectively)
Flamsteed Number14 Scorpii
HR (BSC)6027 (AB), 6026 (CD)
HD145502 (AB), 145501 (CD)
Right Ascension16h 12m 0s (A), 16h 12m 0s (B), 16h 11m 59s (CD)
Declination-19° 27' 38" (A), -19° 27' 37" (B), -19° 27' 1" (CD)
Distance474 light years
145 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +4.13
Absolute: -1.68
Spectral ClassB3V blue main sequence star (AB), B9III blue giant (CD)
Optimum VisibilityJune
NotesThe star collectively known as Jabbah or Nu Scorpii is a highly complex multiple system containing new fewer than seven stars in total. These stars are divided into two widely separated 'subsystems', each a multiple system in its own right. The brighter of these components is designated 'AB', consisting of the triple system Jabbah A and its companion Jabbah B. The fainter 'CD' component is a nested binary, where Jabbah C is a single star, and its companion Jabbah D forms a binary system within the wider CD pair.

Jabbah shines against the clouds of the Blue Horsehead Nebula, IC 4592, which are illuminated by the star's light. The multiple nature of the Jabbah system is not easily distinguishable in this image, but at higher zoom levels, it is possible to detect the fainter CD system lying slightly northward of the much brighter AB component. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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