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G Scorpii

Proper NameFuyue
Bayer DesignationG Scorpii
Flamsteed NumberNone
HR (BSC)6630
Right Ascension17h 49m 51s
Declination-37° 2' 36"
Distance132 light years
40 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.19.4
Absolute: +0.26
Spectral ClassK2III orange giant
Optimum VisibilityJune / July
NotesFuyue is an evolved orange giant star late in its life cycle, some twenty times the diameter of the Sun. It was originally assigned to Telescopium to the southeast, but is now formally contained within the constellation of Scorpius.

The bright mass to the immediate east (left) of Fuyue is not another star, but a distant globular cluster. This cluster, NGC 6441, lies nearly forty thousand light years from the Sun, a little under three hundred times more distant than the foreground star Fuyue. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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