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Beta Capricorni, 9 Capricorni

Proper NamesDabih (the main components are individually named Dabih Major and Dabih Minor)
Bayer DesignationBeta Capricorni (Beta1 and Beta2 respectively)
Flamsteed Number9 Capricorni (specifically identifying Dabih Major)
HR (BSC)7776 (Dabih Major)
7775 (Dabih Minor)
HD193495 (Dabih Major)
193452 (Dabih Minor)
Right Ascension20h 21m 1s (Dabih Major), 20h 20m 47s (Dabih Minor
Declination-14° 46' 53" ((Dabih Major), -14° 47' 6" (Dabih Minor)
Distance328 light years
101 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.1
Absolute: -1.9
Spectral ClassG9II Yellow Bright Giant (Dabih Major)
A0III White Giant (Dabih Minor)
Optimum VisibilityAugust
NotesDabih is a complex system of stars, with the two main components (named Dabih Major and Dabih Minor) in an immense, million-year-long orbit around one another. Each of these components is a binary or multiple system in its own right, with a central giant star accompanied by at least one companion.

This highly luminous source of both visible and infrared light is near Capricornus' border with Sagittarius. This is a compex multiple star with an unusually high number of components (probably at least five, and possibly as many as eight).


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