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The faintest of the ring of seven stars in Pisces known as the Circlet, an asterism that represents the western of Pisces' two fishes that lies southward of the prominent Square of Pegasus. b Piscium (also designated 7 Piscium) falls in the northwestern quadrant of the Circlet, between Theta Piscium to the northeast and Gamma Piscium to the southwest.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

This is an orange subgiant star, with an expanded shell of thin stellar material. This huge but tenuous outer layer means that while b Piscium is only slightly more massive than the Sun, its diameter is considerably greater, with most estimates making it more than twenty times the Sun's size.

Based on the recent GAIA parallax measurements, b Piscium lies some 359 light years from the Solar System. This contrasts with older estimates, which tended to place the star farther away, generally estimating a distance of more than 400 light years.


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