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Beta Pavonis

Proper NameNone
Bayer DesignationBeta Pavonis
Flamsteed NumberNone
HR (BSC)7913
Right Ascension20h 44m 57s
Declination-66° 12' 12"
Distance137 light years
42 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.42
Absolute: +0.17
Spectral ClassA7III white giant
Optimum VisibilityAugust (Usually visible from southern latitudes)

A massive star in the constellation of Pavo the Peacock. It is of the type classified as an A-type white giant.

The star to the south and west of Beta Pavonis (on the southern edge of this image) is Upsilon Pavonis, separated from Beta by less than a degree in the sky. This blue giant is actually far more luminous than the white Beta star, but it lies nearly six times farther away, and its light is attenuated by its immense distance. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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