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Alpha Cephei, 5 Cephei

Proper NameAlderamin
Bayer DesignationAlpha Cephei
Flamsteed Number5 Cephei
HR (BSC)8162
Right Ascension21h 18m 35s
Declination+62° 35' 8"
Distance49 light years
15 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +2.5
Absolute: +1.6
Spectral ClassA7V white main sequence star
Optimum VisibilityAugust / September (Usually visible from northern latitudes)
NotesAlderamin, the brightest star in the constellation of Cepheus, is a hot white star notable for its extremely high speed of rotation (which is some sixty times that of the Sun). Alderamin is suspected to be a pulsating variable of the Delta Scuti classification.
Image of Alderamin

Alderamin has an unusually intense magnetic field, perhaps giving rise to starspots (the equivalent of sunspots on the Sun) like those shown in this image.

A variable white star, the brightest in the constellation of Cepheus, with an apparent magnitude of +2.5.


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