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YBP1514 b

NGC 2682 YBP1514 b

Proper NameNone
DesignationsYBP1514 b, NGC 2682 YBP1514 b
ClassificationGas Giant
Orbital Period5 days, 3 hours
Mean Distance from YBP15148.6 million km
0.06 AU
Mass0.4 x Jupiter
Diameterc. 1.25 x Jupiter
TemperatureNot known
NotesThe 'YBP' in this planet's name refers to the Yadav Bedin Piotto catalogue of stars in the open cluster M67 in Cancer. YBP1514 is a Sun-like yellow dwarf star within that cluster, and YBP1514 b is its only known planet, a comparatively small gas giant less than half the mass of Jupiter.