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YBP1514 b

NGC 2682 YBP1514 b

Proper NameNone
DesignationsYBP1514 b, NGC 2682 YBP1514 b
ClassificationGas Giant
Orbital Period5 days, 3 hours
Mean Distance from YBP15148.6 million km
0.06 AU
Mass0.4 x Jupiter
Diameterc. 1.25 x Jupiter
TemperatureNot known
Parent starYBP1514, yellow dwarf in Cancer
Other planets in this systemNone
NotesThe 'YBP' in this planet's name refers to the Yadav Bedin Piotto catalogue of stars in the open cluster M67 in Cancer. YBP1514 is a Sun-like yellow dwarf star within that cluster, and YBP1514 b is its only known planet, a comparatively small gas giant less than half the mass of Jupiter.

YBP1514 b circles a star on the fringes of the open cluster M67 or NGC 2682 in Cancer. The main body of the cluster can be seen filling the southeastern quadrant of this image. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas