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Taika b, HAT-P-40 b

Proper NameVytis
DesignationsTaika b, HAT-P-40 b
ClassificationGas Giant (Hot Jupiter)
Orbital Period4 days, 11 hours
Mean Distance from Taika9.1 million km
0.061 AU
Mass0.62 x Jupiter
Diameter1.73 x Jupiter
Temperature1,615 K (1,342°C)
Parent starTaika (HAT-P-40), probable bright yellow subgiant in Lacerta
Other planets in this systemNone
NotesA hot gas giant that follows a close orbit around its parent star, the F-type subgiant Taika or HAT-P-40. Vytis has an extremely low density, and although it is nearly twice the diameter of Jupiter, it has significantly lower mass than that giant planet.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas