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Kepler-31 d

KOI-935 d, KOI-935.03, KIC 9347899 d, KIC 9347899.03

Proper NameNone
DesignationsKepler-31 d, KOI-935 d, KOI-935.03, KIC 9347899 d, KIC 9347899.03
ClassificationEarth-mass planet
Orbital Period87 days, 16 hours
Mean Distance from Kepler-3161.5 million km
0.41 AU
MassNot known
Diameter0.42 x Jupiter
TemperatureNot known
Parent starKepler-31, dwarf star in Cygnus
Other planets in this systemKepler-31 b, Earth-mass planet
Kepler-31 c, Earth-mass planet
KOI-935.04, unconfirmed exoplanet
NotesThe F-type star Kepler-31 is known to have at least three planets in orbit, and possibly more, with all the known planets following very close orbits around the star. Kepler-31 d is the outermost of the three, and has an orbit comparable with that of Mercury around the Sun, while its companions Kepler-31 b and Kepler-31 c lie even closer to their parent star.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas