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HD 200964 b

Proper NameNone
DesignationHD 200964 b
ClassificationGas Giant
Orbital Period614 days
Mean Distance from HD 200964239 million km
1.6 AU
Mass1.85 x Jupiter
Diameter0.85 x Jupiter
Temperature373 K (100°C)
Parent starHD 200964, yellow subgiant in Equuleus
Other planets in this systemHD 200964 c, gas giant
NotesOne of two known gas giant planets orbiting the yellow star HD 200964 in Equuleus. HD 200964 b is usually the inner of the two planets, at a distance from its star comparable with Mars' distance from the Sun. Its companion planet HD 200964 c follows an eccentric course, however, and for a brief period each orbit it actually comes closer to its star than HD 200964 b.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas