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Proper NameNone
DesignationsGliese 777 Ab, HD 190360 b, HR 7670 Ab
ClassificationGas Giant
Orbital Period7 years, 311 days
Mean Distance from Gliese 777586 million km (3.92 AU)
Mass1.5 x Jupiter
DiameterNot known
TemperatureNot known
Parent starGliese 777 (HD 190360), yellow subgiant star in Cygnus
Other planets in this systemGliese 777 A c (HD 190360 A c), gas giant
NotesThe outermost of two known planets in orbit around Gliese 777 A, the primary star of the binary Gliese 777 system. This is a gas giant similar in size to Jupiter, but considerably more massive. It follows an orbit showing high eccentricity, with its distance from its parent star varying between approximately 2.5 and 5.3 AU.